Why have a Doula?

Hiring a Doula is an investment – but the return on your investment of having an empowered, confident birth is priceless.
We never forget our babies births....even when you're 85 and can't remember what you had for dinner the day before you'll always remember how you were treated during this very special time. The day of your baby's birth is so much more than just another day.... and it's memory - positive or negative will stay with you forever. Apart from the many medical benefits i.e. shorter labours, less caesareans, less use of the oxytocin drip the psychological benefits are also well documented including less PND.

Did you feel listened to? Did you feel respected? Were you treated kindly? Did you feel like you were the most important woman in the world during your labour? Did your partner feel involved, respected and supported? In our busy maternity units you won't always have a calm supportive continuous presence. Midwives often have to support more than one couple or she may have to leave you during labour as her shift ends. Your clinical care and documentation takes priority. Having a doula who is focused on you and your partner makes couples feel like they are the only family having a baby in that hospital (or at home) at that time. Your doula's primary goal is your satisfaction.  As I midwife I can assure you that having a doula who is a true team player is an incredible asset to families in our overstretched maternity hospitals.  Providing emotional care is the part of the job we love the most but often it's not possible to provide that care as well as we would like to.

Preserving a positive birth memory is the goal of our doulas – not whether you have an epidural or not....whether you have interventions or not. It is about you looking back on the birth of your baby with a sense of satisfaction. Feeling that you had the best birth experience for you - whatever path it takes. Having additional support in labour can also help you avoid post natal depression afterwards and increases breastfeeding success.
During your labour you will feel supported in each and every one of your choices starting in the comfort of your own home, giving you the reassurance and confidence to remain home as long as you feel comfortable. Doulas are also becoming a common sight at homebirths helping couples remain calm while waiting on their midwife to arrive and continuing supporting the couple after their midwife has arrived.

During your pregnancy we assist you in finding evidence based information to support the kind of birth you want and work closely with your caregivers to help you prepare for a safe, empowered birth.