Success with GentleBirth

Some of the many benefits of training with Doula Ireland and DONA is that you have an opportunity to continue your professional development and train as a GentleBirth Instructor at a reduced rate.  Only DONA trained doulas have exclusive access to the largest online community of expectant mums who are intentionally preparing for a positive birth and considering hiring a doula in Ireland (your target market). 

You'll find that working as a Doula that GentleBirth parents enjoy less stressful pregnancies and are more confident in their abilities to have a positive birth experience.    Many of the doulas I have trained find their role in supporting GentleBirth Mums is usually one of a quiet supportive presence in the hospital as Mum and Dad work together as the perfect birth team.    For more information on GentleBirth workshops and becoming a GentleBirth Instructor visit